Instant admin panel to manage your database

StationDB allows you to access your database online and edit it, through an easy-to-use platform, no coding required!


Display all the tables and fields in your datasource

Just connect your database, and we will lay it out in our user-friendly interface.
We support every major SQL database.

CRUD actions are within your reach in a few clicks

    Create, edit or delete the fields in your tables. All these actions are intuitive and easily accessible, queries will not be needed.

    Specific permissions to suit every profile

    You decide which rights to assign that best suit each member's division. Permissions are not only applied to the tables, but they're also field-specific.


    Find every information you're looking for

      Our strong search field will allow you to look for every type of information, it'll go through each field of each of the tables.
      Time saving

      Easy access and updates to your database, no need to go back and forth to your IT team


      We have an intuitive interface, that displays your database through a familiar looking table

      Turnkey solution

      We offer features that cover all your needs, from simple display to team collaboration

      New in 🔥

      You can now use our integrations to create automated actions with the most popular tools!

      Don't just take our word for it

      Trust our customers!
      "This product is really great! An instant admin panel that is perfect for our internal usage. It's easy to use and makes managing our data a breeze."
      Ismail, founder of Tripitto
      “I was able to create an entire admin panel for my website without a single line of code, and it only took me a couple of minutes! Very intuitive platform!”
      Thami, co-founder of Ambastory

      Get started today

      A 2 min set-up to upload your database! Ready to dive-in ?
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      Plans that scale with you

      • Unlimited sources
      • Unlimited records
      • 5 integration credits
      • Up to 2 members
      • Database expires after 2 weeks
      • White Label
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      per month
      per member
      • Unlimited sources
      • Unlimited records
      • 100 integration credits
      • Unlimited members
      • No expiry date
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      Best Value
      per month
      per member
      • Unlimited sources
      • Unlimited records
      • 300 integration credits
      • Unlimited members
      • No expiry date
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      Is there a free trial?

      We have a free plan to which you can subscribe to discover the platform

      Can I upgrade later on?

      Yes! You can always update to Premium if you start with the free plan

      Is there an engagement in Premium ?

      If you subscribe to the Startups offer, you can later cancel your plan without any restrictions

      Are all features included in the free plan?

      The Developers plan includes all the features, but some of them are limited. You can refer to the details above

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